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Digital X-rays and Diagnostic Tests

….at Edgware, Stanmore, Mill Hill, Bushey and Harrow’s Favourite Chiropractors

One of London's only Insight Subluxation Scanner

One of London’s only Insight Subluxation Scanner

At Carl Irwin Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date equipment to allow both accurate diagnosis and provide the latest treatments.

In keeping with this, the clinic is equipped with a modern up to date digital X-ray facility that takes digital images and allows images to be burned to disc or emailed extremely easily. With this technology we can view early degenerative changes like arthritis, breaks and fractures altered spinal curvatures and more importantly pathology that prevents chiropractors from treating certain conditions.

We also have one of London’s only Insight Subluxation Scanner. This is a ultra-modern computerised scanning system that enables us to look at the function of your muscle & organ parts of your nervous system and how they relate to your presenting health problems. As chiropractic looks at the relationship between your spine, your nervous system and your health with the Insight Subluxation Scanner we can really find the underlying cause of your problem.

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