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Carl Irwin the team of the SpineLab, are proud to be associated with the following international & local companies from Edgware, Mill Hill, Stanmore, Harrow, Bushey, Elstree and Radlett, whose services we have used before in either a business or personal capacity:-




Sacro Occipital Research Society International

The UK’s provider of post graduate education in the field of Cranial Chiropractic.

Mercola Optimal Wellness
A great source of health articles, optimal wellness products, and free natural health newsletter of top medical news by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

National Vaccine Information Centre a national, non-profit educational organization providing up-to-date information and vital facts about vaccines.

International Chiropractic Paediatric Association provides education, training, and research support for chiropractic paediatric issues.

The UK’s largest mobility and independent living retailer.


Parents, parents-to-be? Swamped with advice? Looking for the right answers? Well, when it comes to pregnancy, birth, bringing up babies and tackling toddlers we firmly believe there are no right or wrong answers – just lots of options and choices, tricky times and triumphs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We’re all different people and so are our babies and children. So, we’ve gathered together an exceptional resource of services, products, information and expertise in most aspects of starting and raising your family. We have an almost bottomless well of news, views and opinion, we also have complete confidence, once all the facts are at your fingertips, in your ability as mums and dads to choose what’s right and best for you and your child. If our common sense, feet on the ground approach appeals, we hope you’ll take advantage of whatever we have to offer that fits in with what you’re looking for at any particular stage of your parenting.

Kenton Warehouse

Looking for a new bed – James and his team have worked with us for years, providing good quality beds to the specifications of many of our back sufferers. We are pleased to say he has had many happy customers from us.

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The Natural Health Website

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