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Antenatal Chiropractic and Pregnancy Care

for Edgware, Mill Hill and Stanmore

Helping Women through their Pregnancies

Pregnancy is a time of enormous structural, physiological and emotional strain. During this time a mother’s internal environment completely changes.

Her ribcage widens to allow for the increased need for blood and oxygen to supply the baby. The curves in her spine will change to help support the weight of the growing baby. Her pelvis will tilt and broaden in preparation for birth.

Pregnancy PrenatalConsidering all this, it is perhaps not surprising that the mother’s body is very likely to get out of balance. This can present as back and neck pain but could just as easily appear as heartburn, increased blood pressure, swelling in the limbs or pelvic girdle pain (symphysis pubis dysfunction).

These conditions are too often ignored  and are considered a normal part of being pregnant. It may be true that they are more commonly encountered in pregnancy but they are nevertheless an indication of dysfunction.

Working with obstetricians, midwives and health visitors we use special treatment couches for pregnant women and employ specific low-force techniques, such as the Webster’s Technique and Sacrooccipital Technique, to gently release the stresses on the mother’s spine and pelvis. We have helped hundreds of women through their pregnancies and hopefully enable them to have the type of birth that they desire.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain this painful, debilitating and often misunderstood condition usually occurs during pregnancy but can often persist for months and sometimes years after the baby is born and will commonly recur in subsequent pregnancies. It is related to instability of the pelvis often instigated by the hormonal changes of pregnancy and so can often occur in the first trimester. Unfortunately the biomechanical stresses associated with the baby growing in the uterus can further complicate the situation as can the persistent bending, twisting and lifting after the baby is born.

SPD is usually associated with sharp pain at the pubic symphysis (the place where the two bones forming the front of the pelvis meet in front of the hips) and often one or both sacroiliac joints (above the buttocks, adjacent to the spine).The symptoms are usually aggravated by walking and twisting movements and often associated with an overwhelming feeling of weakness as if the legs are unable to take the weight of the body. Women often report that this feeling of instability is worse that the actual pain.

Many common types of treatment for back pain, especially manipulation, is inappropriate for SPD because of the extreme instability and management utilises techniques to gently balance the pelvis along with specific exercises to help re-establish stability in the pelvic ring. We have much experience in treating this condition at the our clinics.

Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Techniques & Visceral Manipulation

Pregnancy and Chiropractic
This delicate manual therapy is often cited as a missing link in the treatment of recurring musculoskeletal pain, postural distortions and biomechanical dysfunction. Developed by Dejarnette these techniques have been taught as part of the SOT chiropractic programme for over 50 years.

A relaxing technique that gently releases strain patterns in the fascia of the organs systems adding mobility and motility to the pregnant human frame.

Nutrition and Breast Feeding Counselling

It is important that a mother to be and her new born get the correct nutrition and whats better than what mother nature provides. Our nutritionist is also a breast feeding counsellor. So whether you are unsure as to how to feed your baby or in a little difficulty, don’t worry help is at hand for Edgware, Mill Hill and Stanmore residents. Call 020 8905 4440 today.


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