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Who’s Really On The Ball ?

The way children spend their time has undergone a considerable change in recent years. Gone are the days when most children played out in the street after school or spent weekends riding their bikes or playing sport in the park. Today, children are much more likely to spend time sitting in front of a computer or have long periods hunched over a hand-held games console….with dire consequences according to research.

Children's postureBack pain in Teenagers in Increasing!

Studies published through the Back Care Association, show that the incidence of chronic back pain in teenagers is increasing at an alarming rate. In 2005 research showed that in repeated studies on children with recurring back pain, 23 per cent needed to visit their doctor, while 26 per cent needed to take time off school. This is against the backdrop of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle where the average child spends more than two hours in front of the TV, computer of games console every day.

What are the effects of all this sitting?

The result of all this sitting and slouching shows itself as an increase in back pain in children, with the bad posture  causing increased flexion in the back, weakened trunk muscles and ultimately changing the biomechanics of the skeleton, ligaments, tendons and muscles.  MRI studies of these cases demonstrate early disc damage and degeneration.

The Long Term Effects

Edgware-based chiropractor, Carl Irwin says that this kind of sedentary lifestyle is causing more and more children to suffer long term back pain, affecting their daily lives and storing up trouble for the future.

Good posture using Game Ball“As a chiropractor I frequently see children who have recurring back problems and both the incidence and the potential severity are increasing,” says Carl Irwin. “20 years ago, I would see children with simple sprains and strains, but over the last ten years there has been a clear change in their presentation as more and more children come to us suffering from longer term, chronic complaints.”

So presented with the consequences of this lifestyle on a daily basis, Carl Irwin came up with a solution: the Game Ball™;

The Game Ball™ is a simple polypropylene inflatable ball specially designed for children to sit on while they play computer games or watch TV.

Carl Irwin said he recognised the Game Ball’s™ potential after seeing the success of adult exercise balls. “They had been used for adult rehabilitation for many years,” he explains, “so I thought, ‘why not encourage kids to use one in order to prevent the back problems that come from a sedentary lifestyle.'”

Helping to maintain the natural curves of the back

Game BallThe nature of the ball means that even when sitting for prolonged periods, they should automatically maintain the natural curves of the back. It also has little nodules arranged on the surface to encourage good circulation in the thigh and gluteal muscles.

“There is nothing else like it,” explains Carl Irwin. “You simply sit on it while you play and it should help strengthen the muscles and improve posture. The aim is to try and prevent all these back problems we are seeing.”

It’s never going to be easy to persuade kids that they should be spending less time watching TV or playing computer games, but at least you will know that if they are using the Game Ball™ as an active base then it is going to help prevent chronic back pain as well as protecting your child’s future health.

The Game Ball™  is available from our online store.