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Tennis InjuriesTennis is a very demanding game that involves almost all of the muscles of the body. You need to run fast, to twist and turn quickly, to have strong shoulders and arm muscles and lastly, to have good eyesight and co-ordination.

The speed that the tennis ball leaves the racquet has been measured over 200 km per hour! Very few players would achieve this speed but nevertheless it indicates that the game is not just a slow and social pastime at all.

Are you ready for it!
Tennis Injuries

Do you have the the right racket?

Are your shoes designed for tennis or do you just pull a pair of old trainers out of the cupboard?

Carl Irwin has a specialist interest in tennis as a player and as a chiropractor to many local coaches and players he knows the pressures on the body and the potential for injury. Carl is a member of the British Chiropractic Sports Council and a Lead Lecturer for SOTO-Europe. He is also being considered by the Olympic selection committee to work at the 2012 Olympics

Here are but a few articles that may be of help to our next Wimbledon hopefuls.

Tennis Elbow