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At SpineLab, we are a fun loving team that provides the direction and clarity needed to assist you in reaching and sustaining new levels of wellbeing. Click here to learn more about our money back guarantee!We use chiropractic, osteopathy, modern technology, scientific know-how & natural therapies. Our Centre is a vibrant, fresh space, to feel safe & comfortable, where you can energise & heal. Our purpose is clear & simple…

We love to get people well and keep them that way naturally!

As an award winning chiropractic and osteopathy centre, we at SpineLab combine our clinical skill, expertise and experience, that spans over 30 years, to not only end your pain but to start you on the journey to better health.

Looking for Pain Relief in Edgware, Mill Hill and Stanmore? Stop Suffering!

With early intervention and the right treatment, you can potentially say good-bye to conditions like headaches, neck and back pain and many other types of problems.

Patient Service Award

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