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About Us

SpineLab CA TeamAt SpineLab, our warm, caring team is the place for you to get well and stay well. Our fun-loving staff will provide you with the direction and clarity you need to reach and sustain new levels of wellbeing. At our Edgware practice, we use chiropractic, osteopathy, modern technology, scientific know-how and natural therapies. Our centre is a vibrant, fresh space, to feel safe and comfortable where you can energise and heal.

We believe that everyone is special and has the opportunity to experience what we have to offer. We love helping those in our community 0f North London, particularly Edgware, Harrow, Mill Hill and Stanmore.

Are We the Right Place for You?

Our patients are people who value their life and health. You may be in a stage of your life where you’re starting to realise that you need to look after yourself. You understand that it’s time to start valuing yourself and taking responsibility for your health. We can help make sure that you’re able to partake in the things you love rather than standing on the sidelines as an observer.

What to Expect When You Join Us

When we first meet you, our goal is to find out why you’re here and what you’re missing out on in life as a result of your problem. We want to determine what your needs are and what you’ve done thus far in your journey to finding us. Most importantly, we want to hear all about where you want to be in the future. It’s our role to build a partnership and work with you towards that.

Our Diverse Patient Base

As a previous sufferer, Carl particularly enjoys working with people who suffer from migraines. His battle with them finally ended when he was in university studying chiropractic and started getting adjusted. He understands the toll migraines take on your life and how empowering it is to get off medications and get back to living on your terms.

dr-carl-examining-seniorWith prior experience working in the premature baby unit at King’s College Hospital, Carl has a depth of experience in paediatrics. He also sees many pregnant women. All ages are welcome at SpineLab, from babies up to seniors.

More recently Carl has been studying craniopathy and neuroscience with a focus on balance problems and falls prevention in the elderly. From this he has developed a whole new approach the management of seniors and elderly…Functional Geriatrics


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