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Simple Exercise to do Daily.

In our attempt to help get your spine and joints movement patterns restored, we at SpineLab have found the best exercise for this. It is a yoga routine called the sun salutation (Surya Namaskar). We’ve been recommending it, with great success, to all our patients for years.

Its simple, effective and you can do the routine almost

We highly recommend that you start doing this routine every day, mornings and evenings. It will strengthen and improve your flexibility, which will help your increase response to our care, increase your energy and get you fitter. Use the sun salutation and you should not need to do other exercises, unless you want to increase you strength, flexibility and fitness beyond a basic level.

Exercise combined with regular spinal adjusting and good nutrition is a key formula for you and your family to stay well.

Please have a go and try and build up to doing 10 cycles of the routine on each side, twice a day and let us know how you are doing.