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Getting Older Doesn’t have to be a Pain.

Looking after our seniors in Edgware, Mill Hill, Stanmore and Harrow …with functional geriatrics.

Aging may be scary due to diseases which can easily affect one’s health; combat the effects of aging using functional geriatrics, a drug-free, functional and natural approach to problems we see in the elderly.

Developed by Dr Carl Irwin (Neuroscientist and Doctor of Chiropractic) functional geriatrics is an effective natural way to help ease pain, increase flexibility, improve balance, confidence, reduce risk of falls and maintain strength and wellbeing as we get older.

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With functional geriatrics at SpineLab we have seen:

Decreases the frequency and severity of back, neck and head pain.

Increases in range of motion of the spine and other joints, so being free from the nagging pain, muscle spasms and joint stiffness.

Improved confidence and improvement in depression as elder patients become more able to perform everyday tasks and enjoying recreational activities like walking, sport and playing with their grandchildren.

Improves balance and coordination. Loss of proprioception (sense of body awareness) impairs the patient in many ways as they become more prone to falls, vertigo and the injuries occur as a result.

Decreases Joint Degeneration by improving movement that reduces joint strain, wear, degeneration and arthritis.

Improving movement stimulates the nervous system in many ways. Modern neuroscience has shown that movement is key to our physical and mental wellbeing. It increases health, vitality, strength and wellbeing by stimulating the nervous and immune system to function better and improve our longevity and quality of life.

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