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SpineLab Reviews

What Our Edgware Patients Say

At SpineLab we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Great experience

It was the best medical experience in my entire life. This is what I call

– Peter K.

Very Professional

Very professional and excellent results after My first visit hopefully I will be back on the Golf course tomorrow which before my visit Today I taught would not be possible I would The practice to anybody.

– John D.

Great experience

The staff is fantastic. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Niral is very good at what he does. I would recommend SpineLab to anyone. Great experience.

– Steven E.

Definite Improvement in My Well Being

I can not praise the SpineLab clinic highly enough . I came here after being recommended to go there by someone at work. I was at that point in so much pain 24/7 and no relieve from anything, not being able to sleep either. I was truly desperate and this was my last try.

What can I say even after the very first session I could feel a very slight improvement. As weeks have been going on it is getting better and a definite improvement in my well being is there and I can not thank Carl and Doriana enough , I know I have a long way to go but I know I will be fine by the end of it and will just need the maintenance program. Can’t wait to get to this stage. Until than I just keep going and enjoy the progress I am making.

I just liked to add that the staff at the clinic are all exceptionally nice and very professional.

– Christiane M.

Looking Forward To Future Appointments

Practice is very well equipped with all of the best technology. Staff were uber friendly, professional and welcoming. Particularly with my children which enabled me to have the appointment. I’m very much looking forward to future appointments.

– Amanda W.


I now have regular treatment and have not spent a day off my feet due to my back since. It amazes me how much better I feel after each visit.

– Mr. KW

No Longer Having Trouble With My Lower Back

I am no longer having trouble with my lower back and stairs are no longer a problem, which has obviously improved my quality of life. Thank you for your help.

– Mr. BH

Chiropractic Has Made A Great Difference

Chiropractic has made a great difference in my well being and I would like to say a big thank you to Carl and all his team.

– Mrs. JW


Carl was fantastic and explained very well in simple terms, I visited Carl based on his customer reviews and his paediatric area of specialty after first consultation for my baby who was 3 months old at the time he slept for the first time through the night without interruption. Carl on short notice also made time to see my baby for follow up review and gave fantastic advise which to this day I adhere to and much appreciate. Thank you.

– Rayan M.


The lady at the reception was so friendly, being my first time and having come alone, as expected I was nervous but she made me feel at ease, provided me with information and explained what was going to be done and even offered to make me tea! I was shown around and it was just great. I was then seen by Carl Irwin who was absolutely amazing, once again explained what was going to be done, explained in great detail and totally won my trust. A really pleasant first experience, definitely looking forward to the rest. Thank you.

– Neelam P.

Very Nice Practice

It’s a very nice practice well presented clean and just a homey and pleasant atmosphere thank you and see you again soon.

– Elizabeth D.

Absolutely Fantastic

I had a massage with Veronica. It was absolutely fantastic. She was friendly,, knowledgeable and I will definitely use her again.

– Claire C.

Very Friendly

Very friendly receptionist. Felt very comfortable. Bringing my family here.

– Indira P.

Very Professional

Very professional and useful service.

– Ajay O.

Staff Extremely Friendly

The staff were extremely friendly and even remember things you have said over the phone to them days prior to the appointment. Dr. Irwin seemed to recognize my name instantly. I’m not sure if this was from my initial inquiry email or just from the appointments from that day but that really made me feel welcome and instantly trust him more. For a new patient and first appointment I am very happy!

– Binita S.

Exceptionally Pleased

I was exceptionally pleased with my visit today, as I frequent the gym approximately 5 days a week it was a great experience to listen to Dr. Irwin explain the workings of the body. I even bought some vitamins from him because I really felt he knew what he was talking about, and totally trust him.

– Tony C.

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carl and his team for looking after me and my family. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his clinic to anyone. Thank you.

– Mrs. EM

Thoroughly Recommend

I would like many people to know this therapy is excellent and Carl is an excellent practitioner who cares genuinely for all his patients. I would thoroughly recommend chiropractic treatment from Carl to anyone who needs it!

– Mrs. SG

What A Change In My Health

I cannot thank Carl enough for the treatment I am having and for the change in my health, within the 1st week of treatment my headaches had disappeared. I always look forward to attending the clinic as it is an extremely pleasant atmosphere with extremely pleasant staff. Thank you for making me feel so much better.

– Mrs. JS

Improvement With Arthritis

Having suffered for years with arthritis I have found that in less than a month of therapy things have improved dramatically. I am also noticing vast improvement in my pain, particularly in my back and neck area.

– Mrs. TC

Healthier Lifestyle

Having experienced a full recovery and developed, on your advice, a far healthier lifestyle, I now feel better than I have in a very long time. May I take this opportunity of thanking you and your excellent staff for both the treatment and guidance that I have received.

– Mr. PS

Amazed The Relief From Pain In Shoulder

After the first session I was amazed at firstly the relief from pain in my shoulder, but more so the general feeling of well being all over. I had never suffered from breathing problems but even my breathing felt free-er! Thank you so much.

– Miss KB

Made Such A Difference

At the consultation Carl explained how he could help me and what it would entail, so having thought it through I made an appointment to begin my chiropractic treatment. It made such a difference, even after the first treatment and I could move much easier than I had been able to for a good few years. I recommend Chiropractic to everyone I hear saying they have had a bad back or pins and needles in their arms or even a stiff neck!

– Mrs. JW

Given Me My Life Back

I would like to say coming back to Carl for treatment was one of the best decisions have ever made. The pain I had been in was so bad that the quality of my life had deteriorated to the point I was unable to stand for long periods at a time. Carl has given me my life back, how wonderful is that!

– Ms. SD

Back Feels Really Good

I had never visited a chiropractor before even though I had bad back problems for years. All I can say now is that my back is 100% better and feels really good and I would not hesitate in recommending the clinic to anyone.

– Mr. DB


The results have been nothing short of amazing, I now walk upright without use of my walking stick and more importantly without pain. At 78 years of age it’s great to still be able to play with my grand children.

– Mr. JT

No More Sciatic Pain

After just a few treatments the sciatic pain disappeared and has never recurred. This has made an enormous difference to my quality of life for which I am very grateful.

– Mr. CW

I Am Pain Free!

After taking up running later in life, running injuries occurred. I was having knee, ankle pain and a back problem that caused stiffness when sitting and woke me up at night. I started treatment with Carl and within a few weeks of seeing Carl I completed the marathon and now I am pain free!

– Mrs. MG

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