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“the perfect tool for living today”

With lifestyle being the no. 1 cause of most disease and illness we really cannot ignore the effect stress has on us.

The fields of neuroscience and epigenetics have researched this extensively and there is no doubt emotional stress is one of the main culprits.

At SpineLab we recognise that true health and wellbeing comes from balancing a triad of stressors.

These factors are Physical, Chemical and Emotional.

During your care we discuss these with you and try and encourage you to consider using different tools to improve these areas in your life.

Nutrition deals with chemical stress. Physical exercise is not unfamiliar in strengthening the body but the emotional load on your mind also takes its toll and when your mind is full it is almost impossible to rest and relax enough to allow your nervous system to balance to allow your body to heal and repair.

We highly recommend you take a look the work done by Dr Joe Dispenza and start using his meditation downloads, especially the morning and evening meditations, to help in this area. You’ll be amazed how well they work in clearing so much of the baggage we unconsciously carry around with us.

His books are fantastic too.

Use the link below to visit his website.