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Wimbledon, The Ashes and The Masters Athletics, Chiropractors are on RED ALERT this July in the UK.

sport 2023Every summer, the profile of chiropractic in elite sport rockets in the UK,  with July being one the busiest summer months for sports. SpineLab Chiropractors are back on RED ALERT, not just for the professionals competing in these events but also for those who are inspired to take up a sporting past time this summer.

“It’s amazing how many people get side lined this time of year because they think they are the new Federer, Nadal or Boulter says Carl Irwin (North London Chiropractor and member of the UCA). People really don’t recognise the repeated stress and load that athletes continuously put on their bodies and What it does to the spine and joints. The care these athletes are under so they can achieve their superhuman feat without seriously injuring themselves is second to none. So jumping up from your desk going off to the park for a game of tennis or cricket is not necessarily the best idea if you have a sedentary job and haven’t looked after yourself properly for some time.”

Chiropractor Carl Irwin practices at SpineLab, North London and works with the British Athletics Medical Services who put sports chiropractic in the forefront of care for all sportsmen and women in the UK.

A sports chiropractor like Carl Irwin does not just treat injuries, they look at the body holistically and relate that to restoring function so to keep athletes at their best without injury. They then have a greater chance of getting the results they desire…winning. Very often the sports chiropractor liaises with the medical team and considers aspects such as training programmes, body conditioning, performance enhancement, nutrition and mental preparation when working with

So if you want to give yourself a sporting chance and want SpineLab on your team call 020 8905 4440 or email

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