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There's nothing quite like spending the day off pain!

We all have our “story” when we don’t show up at work on any given day; some more valid than others. After all, “My car broke down” or “I had to take my daughter to the doctor” generally come off much better than “I slept in and missed the bus” or “I lost my car keys.” Now here’s a truly valid reason for work absenteeism, and unfortunately, it’s becoming more prevalent throughout the UK: chronic pain.

According to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed research journal Spine, workers suffering from chronic pain are more likely be absent from work – and more likely to stay absent – compared to workers not suffering from chronic pain. In fact, among a study population of more than 8,000 workers, chronic pain sufferers were significantly more likely to be absent from work one or more days: 20 percent more likely if suffering from neck pain, and 22 percent more likely if suffering from low back pain or headache pain (migraines), respectively.

The good news is there are natural solutions to all three of these common conditions, starting with chiropractic care, and research supports it. Talk to us, we can help with effective gentle treatment, if you’re suffering from pain, whether acute or chronic. We can visit your place of work and show you and your colleagues the best posture for you type of work, before it gets so bad that you have to miss work and require treatment. Prevention is always better than cure!

Call us, Carl Irwin Chiropractic on 020 8905 4440, we’re here to help.



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