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Office-robics. Carl's Top tips for fitness in the office

As back care month continues through October, we at SpineLab don’t want you to just sit there and cease up at work.

Here are some simple and over looked tips for you to keep you on your toes in the office.

  • Move the wastebasket to a different spot every day (never within easy reach, but make sure this varies in position regularly)
  • If you are right handed, answer the phone with your left hand & visa versa
  • When possible take calls standing up. Get a head set & walk about
  • When put on hold, inhale and exhale deeply using your diaphragm while waiting
  • Make a point to stand when a colleague enters your work area to conduct a conversation
  • Change the height of your desk chair every day
  • Switch the style of desk or layout as often as possible
  • Change your monitor position morning and afternoon
  • Raise and lower keyboard daily
  • Rearrange furniture in your work area at least once a month
  • Place frequently used materials on the bottom shelf of a book case
  • Use a restroom that is upstairs, downstairs so you get a regular walk
  • Take a walk for half your lunch, or go to the gym to work out
  • When the boss isn’t looking lean back and put your feet on the desk
  • Hydrate – you must drink water regularly through the day. It gives you energy and stops you stiffening up.
  • Try these stretches at your desk, as a warm up and warm down to your work day .
    Carl Irwin's favourite desk stretches

    Carl Irwin’s favourite desk stretches

During Back care month we will be posting regular tips to help you in looking after your back. Our next blog is titled “Walks for Best Health”. Look for it and do share it with your friends.

Back pain should be taken seriously and if you get regular bouts of discomfort, it is likely to be a warning of a more acute problem on its way.

You don’t have to be in pain to have a spinal health check, call Carl Irwin Chiropractic today on 020 8905 4440 for an appointment.

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