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Now the headache has gone, the back pain starts...

With the GCSEs and A levels over, it’s time for our kids to celebrate and once the headaches from all the studying and partying start to resolve the chances are they will now be setting themselves up for a bout of back pain.

Really I hear many a parent ask, but there only children and they don’t get bad backs. Well unfortunately you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The biggest cause of back pain and back related problems like nerve irritation, neck pain, disc problems and sciatica is just what your children are about to do…become sedentary.

Studies published by the Back care UK, the British Chiropractic Association and many other leading authorities on backs point to the use of computers, gaming consuls and TV by teens & young adults as the major cause of setting oneself up for problems with your back. All the studies show that long periods of being sedentary puts physical strains on the spine and discs, that the human body is not designed to take. The result is early degenerative changes occurring in the spine at ages we would not expect them to occur.

What can you do to help, firstly try and get your children up and about (I know as a parent how difficult this is) rather than allowing them to spend hours sitting at home online. And secondly use this holiday time to have a regular spinal health check with our chiropractors, just like you would do with the dentist. Our chiropractors will be able to identify potential problems building up and help in preventing them becoming painful.

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