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Guts In Motion

Hi …..last weekend I took part in a Paris to London cycle ride, as supporting crew (putting the riders back together as a chiropractor) to raise money for research into Crohns Disease and Colitis.

The event is in its 4th year and is known as Guts in Motion.

My days entailed following the cyclists and giving care at the road side, followed by long evenings of treating the cyclists after their riding. With 42 people to look after that was some going each day and was so rewarding. I happily give my time and equipment to the event and if you are happy to help us try and reach our 70k target it would be appreciated.

So far this year we’ve raised just over 68k and I’d like your help too.

Will you sponsor us?

We have covered over 180 miles in 3 days, from Paris to London on bikes. I’ve treated 42 hot sweaty, tired and achy cyclists at least once a day and so far we have raised just over £68000 for research into Crohns and Colitis.

Thank you everyone who have given so far….58114_10201437095840093_1380166383_n

But we need more; as yet they have not found the cause of these diseases so it makes it near impossible to cure. Treatment ranges from liquid diets (imagine that for months on end), large doses of steroids that mess up your weight, kidneys and blood pressure to different degrees of surgery from cutting out diseased bowel and being giving a “bag” to total bowel transplant, which from what I’ve heard this weekend is a bit like Russian roulette.

Then there’s family support, many travel 100’s of miles to specialised treatment centres so there needs to be provision for them to stay in somewhere comfortable and pleasant while your son or daughter goes through treatment after treatment. So we are presenting furnishing some flats in oxford for those families visiting the John Radcliffe Hospital.

So please if you haven’t given and you are in a position, however much, please your help is appreciated

Here is the link and my donation page will stay on line only for a couple more days

All you have to do to sponsor me is use this link. Also on this link you can find more about what our charity does and were the money goes.

I really appreciate your help

Thank you

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