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First frost, first whiplash.....

8.10am and our first whiplash phone call today.

car accidentFor those of us in suburbia today was our first frost but once you have warmed up the car, do you bear any thought of how the driving conditions have changed or do you load up, start the engine and journey away with your phone stuck to your ear. (“who me?” I hear you saying!)

The driving conditions this morning are totally different; the roads are slippery, the sun is bright and low and I guess very few of us have realised that both these are likely to contribute to an increase in accidents.

So here’s some simple safety steps…slow down, increase your distance, use your sun visor and stay off your phone. All these could save you from whiplash. And also have you had your tyres checked?

If you are unfortunate to get hit, we at Carl Irwin Chiropractic can help save you some bother….whether you are in pain or not call us on 020 8905 4440… whiplash comes in all guises and doesn’t give pain straight away. It can come on in hours or even months after the accident.

Want some help?… We can save you the wait to see your GP or going to A & E with some simple advice…our chiropractors are happy to speak to you over the phone… call 020 8905 4440


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