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Amazing Opportunity….

Interested in joining our team ?

Professor Hans Von Puppet has an important message for you

Hi now that I’ve grabbed your attention, let me introduce myself.

SpineLab Chiropractor, Carl Irwin

Carl Irwin

I am Carl Irwin and I am the director and business owner of SpineLab.

I would like to share something about myself, my practice and the position being offered, but firstly did you enjoy our movie presentation with the professor. It was such fun to make.

The Start of My Career Journey

My story started some back in 1983 when I trained and worked at King’s College Hospital London. As a radiographer, part of my work involved the development and testing of CT and MRI scanners. To do this effectively required me to train and work with a team, with specific protocols and recipes, that led each of my team on a specific journey of discovery. The success of this can be seen today with the resultant array of amazing diagnostic imaging systems available to us today, that I was part of developing.

Leading me to Chiropractic

Since then my career path changed and after training at the AECC, I started my journey as a chiropractor in 1991. Coming out into the chiropractic world was a massive shock for me. The team building, coaching and mentoring that defined me previously was not offered to new graduates and associate chiropractors, and when I explored opportunities abroad these methods were and are still openly scorned upon by many members of our profession. But knowing how valuable these were to me in my previous career and seeing through this how large institutions  build high performing successful teams I took it upon myself to find ways making this available firstly to myself and then once I mastered these, to all the team members of my practice.

Mentoring and Working with the Best

Now some 30 years on I look back and see the amazing chiropractic legacy I have to share from working and mentoring with the likes of John De Martini, Chuck Gibson, Jay Morgan, John Howatt, Graham Heale, Carl Hamilton, Bryan Bourne, Patrick Gentempo, David Fletcher, Cameron Decamp, Curtis Buddingh, John Farmer, Christopher Kent, Simon King and Mike Gandalfi to name but a few.

Silverstone Capital Cup

Silverstone Capital Cup

I have decided that this legacy is not something to be squandered but to share and it is through my practice I offer this opportunity to the right person as I bring together an amazing chiropractic team of associates who want to go on a journey of growth and development to ultimately benefit chiropractic patients, and then in time to share again through their own successful practices.

On offer to the successful candidate is a guaranteed basic, a bonus scheme, a structured career progression, regular training and team days, social events and a great work life balance. Technique wise so that you can manage the array of clients we attract, part of  our coaching is geared towards you mastering SOT, gonstead, diversified. cranial and visceral manipulation and there will be the opportunity for you work at local, national and international sports events.

Interested in joining our team?

Then come and visit us in Edgware, Middx . The clinic is 19 mins from St Pancras, on Thameslink and literally 3 hours from Paris door to door via Eurostar. So we are within easy reach of 2 of the great capitals of the world, what more could you want.

Edgware itself is on the northwest edge of our great capital with affordable accommodation, great schools nearby and benefits from being close to the wonderful attractions of London and also moments away from green belt countryside. What more to create that great work life balance that so many associates I have met miss out on and that I know is so important for each of us to flourish, be happy and successful.


horse countryside

 So Much to Offer

beachThere’s some home from homes at our clinic, as growing up in Brighton, the sea still has a big draw for me. You will see the vibe of our practice is the beach, a place for people to come relax, heal, energise and feel at home. I’ d love to welcome you along to visit us, so you can decide for yourself if becoming an associate at my practice is appealing to you.

Call me on 020 8905 4440 or email me at manager@spinelab.co.uk