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New Mums Breastfeeding Support Group

All too often new mums blame themselves for failing at breast feeding, however, more often or not the issue isn’t them. DiChiropractic & Babiesfficult births, tongue tie, KISS syndrome, SPD, in uterine constraint, breech presentations, cranial faults, forceps and vontuce deliveries are possible causes of breast feeding problems.

At SpineLab we have teamed up with some local specialists to help parents identify what the problem is and how to find a solution.

We welcome Dr Sharon Silberstein onto our team who is  a Medical Doctor, Breastfeeding Counselor and Tongue Tie Practitioner.

Call us today and book in for a free visit, where you can discuss your concerns and point you in the right direction to get back on track again. Call us today on 020 8905 4440 to make a FREE appointment.


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