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The History ofDaniel David Palmer Chiropractic

Spinal manipulation has been practised for thousands of years and one of the early founders of bone manipulation was Hippocrates, in ancient Greece. The term Chiropractic therefore stems from: “chiro”, by hands and “practise”, to do. Chiropractors work with their hands without drugs or medical intervention.

Daniel David Palmer

Chiropractic, as we know it today originated in 1895 in the US, and the founder was a man called DD Palmer. He believed that health could be affected by aligning the joints in order to help nerve flow to reach all the cells of the body. DD Palmer’s son BJ Palmer later took over his legacy and carried the Chiropractic vision, research and training into the new century.

The original concept of Chiropractic was much more philosophical than generally seen today in the UK, as it emphasised the positive benefit to the whole body’s structure, chemistry, neurology and even mental state of mind.

The word “adjustment” came from DD Palmer, and stems from Latin. “Ad” means to move to the centre, “just” means into balance and “ment” means mind. By this, DD told us that an adjustment was aimed to move the mind to the centre, into balance.

The first Chiropractic College, (Palmer Chiropractic College) started in 1898 in Iowa and had equal ratio of men and women and students came from the whole world. Chiropractors have always been pioneers in their view of health care and preferred helping the body heal itself rather than using drugs or medicine. One example of their pioneering philosophy was that they always believed in active movement and exercise for healing, instead of bed rest and painkillers.

It has taken a long time for the scientific world to understand the Chiropractic paradigm, and some Chiropractors suffered greatly during this time for their purpose and belief! The public however, always believed in Chiropractic and have often travelled hundreds of miles in order to receive their adjustment, occasionally staying at a nearby hotel over night.

DD Palmer’s son BJ Palmer, who continued his father’s quest, defined the unique health care system, which now comprises Chiropractic, and we now have registered Chiropractic colleges in every corner of the world. The basic philosophy of Chiropractic still remains as a drug free method of correcting spinal mis alignment and dysfunction, which is also called a vertebral subluxation, to remove nerve interference and restore human health performance.

The word Subluxation stems from “sub” meaning less than, “lux” meaning light, and “ation” meaning condition. The original word subluxation was therefore interpreted to mean: a condition of less than light. Today it is more often used to define a mal alignment of a vertebral joint affecting its neurology, chemistry, muscle and soft tissue balance.

Chiropractic research is now widening and many studies around the world have shown its positive effects on all ages groups rather than more just headaches, back pain, and how it can reduce the amount of sick days people take off work. click here to read more on research